Our next photography experiences will be the Big Cat Photography workshop at Colchester Zoo on 15 June 2018 and
the Big and Small Wild Cat photo day at the Cat Survival Trust on 14 July 2018.

Only 1 space is still available on the BCP workshop in June but plenty of spaces are still available for the photo day in July.

Photo Days at the Cat Survival Trust

The Cat Survival Trust is a unique place with a wide range of wild cats. In addition to this a custom build hide will provide the opportunity to take photos of British wildlife from spring 2018 onwards. We are delighted to be able to offer Photo Days here that provide our customers either with the chance to photograph the big and small wild cats or respectively a wide variety of the local wildlife.

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On the Big and Small Wild Cats photo day you will have the opportunity to take photos of pumas, snow leopards, Amur leopards, a jaguar, lynx, leopard cats, fishing cats and more. The Cat Survival Trust is generally not open to the public and our customers will have the chance to get relatively close to the enclosure fence and hence to the cats
(after a health and safety briefing and always under guidance).

The Big and Small Wild Cats photo day will start at 10am and finish at 4pm. We start the Photo Day off with a brief introduction
(including a health and safety briefing). During this we will find out what aspects our participants would like to get help with. Through this we ensure that participants of all experience levels will be able to get the support, they need on the day.

We will also explain how to take photos through fences and our professional photographer will help participants to set up their cameras appropriately. Advice on any photography aspects and how to approach wildlife photography will be available on a one-to-one, or if required for the entire group throughout the day.

Although we won't be able to guarantee that all cats will be out and 'posing' for images, we will ensure that participants will have plenty of opportunity to take photos of the wild cats at the trust. Your guide will keep an eye out for this and she will provide you also with information about the different cat species, which may help you to anticipate where and when photo opportunities may evolve.

The price for the Big and Small Wild Cats photo day is £124, of which £55 will go to the Cat Survival Trust
(helping with the keeping of the cats and conservation work done or supported by the trust). The price will include guidance around the enclosures at the Cat Survival Trust plus one-to-one advice on any photography questions as well as a welcome drink in the morning and at lunch. Please note, due to new regulations the Cat Survival Trust will not be able to provide any lunch with effect from 1 July 2018. Please bring a packed lunch!

Covered by the photo day fee is also that participants will become members of the Cat Survival Trust for one year; meaning you will be able to return to the trust during this period
(day and time to be pre-arranged).

As with all our photography experiences we will keep the groups small in order to ensure everyone will get a good position around the enclosures and will have access to one-to-one advice, if and when needed. The maximum number of participants for the Big and Small Wild Cats photo day is 10 per event
(and we usually have two guides if we will have 8 ore more participants; minimum number 4 customers).

We have scheduled the following dates for theBig and Small Wild Cats photo day at the Cat Survival Trust for 2018:
14 July 2018 (Saturday) - availability > 3 spaces
7 September 2018 (Friday) - availability > 3 spaces
10 November 2018 (Saturday) - availability > 3 spaces

From 2018 onwards we will offer also a British Wildlife from the Hide Photo Day at the Cat Survival Trust. The trust is building a hide, which will provide gaps for the cameras and plenty of windows to watch and photograph the visiting wildlife. The hide has been designed in a way that will provide us with everything we will need for the day
(including small kitchen and bath room facilities).

The volunteers at the trust have started and will continue to provide some 'bribe' in form of peanuts, bird seeds and other food for the wildlife to encourage the different species to come and stay for a while. Wildlife we have seen around the hide includes a wide variety of woodland birds, buzzards, red kites, foxes and muntjac deer, and there is much more for our customers to photograph, especially as the Wildlife Photography Days at this venue will be scheduled to start either early in the mornings or continue into the evening.

We will provide a sample itinerary closer to the dates of the first Wildlife Photography Day
(starting early in the mornings or going on untils the evening), but we have agreed the following dates for the Wildlife Photography Day with the Cat Survival Trust for 2018:
14 October 2018 (Sunday) - availability > 3 spaces

We limit the number of participants on the Wildlife Photography Day to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure that all participats will gain maximum benefits from the event (minimum of 4 participants for both).

The price for the photo day from the hide at the Cat Survival Trust is £119 per person; including a contribution of £55 to the Cat Survival Trust
(helping with the keeping of the cats and projects like the hide). The fee will also nclude tuition if and when required, availability of advice on all photographic aspects and help with spotting photo opportunities. Furthermore, participants will have access to drinks and a meal as part of the day, and they will also become members of the Cat Survival Trust for one year; meaning you will be able to return to the trust during this period (day and time to be pre-arranged).

You can book by completing the form at the end of this page and, provided it is not indicated above that no spaces or only a small number of spaces are available for the course or photo day date of your choice, proceed to the online shop via the payment link to pay either the deposit or the full fee from there (depending on when you book / the full fee is required when booking 4 weeks or less prior to the course date)
. For more details about the booking process, please check our Terms and Conditions.

If you are not sure about what dates would suit you best, or you would like to get the photography course or photo day for a friend or family member, you can also buy a gift voucher and agree the course venue and date at a later stage.

Please contact us via info@bigcatphotography.co.uk, if you have any questions.

Photo Days/Workshops at the Cat Survival Trust

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