Our next photography experiences will be the Big Cat Photography workshop at Colchester Zoo on 15 June 2018 and
the Big and Small Wild Cat photo day at the Cat Survival Trust on 14 July 2018.

Only 1 space is still available on the BCP workshop in June but plenty of spaces are still available for the photo day in July.

Photography in Rutland & Leicestershire

We have two venues with great photo opportunities in Rutland and Leicestershire. Join us on a Bird of Prey and Leopard Photo Day at the Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre, a Basic Nature Photography courses at Bradgate Park or Deer Rut Photography workshop at Bradgate Park.

At the Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre our photo day participants
(any experience level) will have the change to take photos of the owls and other birds of preys plus of the leopards, puma and serval cat. The Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary (the cat section) is generally not open to the public, but we are allowed access to this area and to take photos here.


Customers will have access to 1-to-1 advice on any photography questions and help with getting the right settings for the images, they want to take throughout the day. The photo day will start at 10am and finishes at 4pm. In order to make our photo days most beneficial to all participants, we apply a maximum number of 10 people per photo day
(minimum of 4 people) for the Birds of Prey and Leopard Photo Day.

The price for this photography experience is £110; including a 50% contribution to the Rutland Wildlife Sanctuary
(helping with the keeping of the leopards and other wild cats). The price includes besides the guidance and advice by our professional photographer, coffee/tea at the beginning of the photo day and at lunch time. As the venue has no catering facilities please bring your own lunch. Alternatively Barnsdale Gardens or Barnsdale Lodge are only a short drive away.

The following Bird of Prey and Leopard Photo Days have been scheduled for 2018 so far:

12 May 2018 (Saturday) - availability > 3 spaces
Further dates will be announced soon

Bradgate Park is a well-known deer and country park in Leicestershire. It was established as a deer park in 1241 and has been home to both, red and fallow deer since then. The deer will be part on any of our photography courses / workshops, but will be most exciting to photograph in October during the rut. Besides the deer, the park has however a lot more to offer from a photography perspective and hence we are offering our Basic Nature Photography course here over the summer months when the course participants will also have the opportunity to photograph the beautiful landscape, flowers and young waterfowl.


We offer two different photography experience types at this great venue, the Basic Nature Photography course over as a customised photography course at any time of the year and a Deer Rut Photography workshop in October.

The Basic Nature Photography course provides participants with the opportunity to get their camera off automatic and learn how the settings influences the photos, they take. We will cover how to control the exposure and focus, what settings to use for different types of photography
(taking photos of individual animals or respectively of landscapes and groups of animals) and how to approach wildlife or respectively landscape photography.

The Basic Nature Photography course at Bradgate Park will start at 8am and will finish at 5pm. We will take advantage of the wildlife activity early in the morning and will try to capture in particular the red deer before most of them will move into the sanctuary when the park gets busy. Following this we will have a coffee, tea or other drink and spend some time going over the technical photography aspects
(e.g. the different settings to get the exposure and the focus right and the image you want). We will then go back into the park to practise the new skills, and most importantly to get some nice images of the deer, the waterfowl, other wildlife and landscapes.

Participants will have access to one-to-one advice on any photography related questions throughout the event. Your guide will also have a look at the photos, you have taken, and will provide help
if and when needed in respect of settings, composition and/or approach to take photos of wildlife and/or landscapes.

We offer the Basic Nature Photography course as customised photography course, on a one-to-one basis or for a small group of friends, family members or of any other association. The price for this full-day event is £200 for one person
(£350 for 2 people, £360 for three people or respectively £400 for four people). The fee includes tuition and support by our professional photographer throughout the day plus drinks in the morning and at lunch plus a meal during the break in the early afternoon.

In order to arrange a Basic Nature Photography course at Bradgate Park please contact us via the contact form below or via e-mail at info@bigcatphotography.co.uk.


In addition to the full-day photography courses during the summer, we will offer at Bradgate Park also half-day Deer Rut Photography Workshop.

The photography workshops will either start early in the mornings (6:30am) or in the early afternoon (13:30pm). The photography workshops in the morning will end at 11:00am, and the one in the afternoon will finish at 6:00pm. Our customers will have the option to book the morning and afternoon workshops individually or book both together
(staying the entire day).

The Deer Rut Photography Workshop is designed to capture the action early in the morning and towards the end of the day. As the red deer in particular spends most of the day in the deer sanctuary
(not accessible to us) this approach provides our participants with the chance to see and photograph the deer before and when it moves in and out of the sanctuary.

During the rut individual red stags as well as fallow deer can be found in quieter areas of the park, and your guide will have researched where it is most likely to find the individuals and respectively fallow deer herds before our workshops.

Besides the deer activity participants will also have the chance to photograph other wildlife and aspects of the natural environment along the River Lin and in other parts of Bradgate Park during the Nature & Wildlife Photography workshops.

The price for the half-day photography workshop is £69 when booking it individually, while booking both workshops
(morning and afternoon) will cost £109. These prices include guidance around the park and advice on photographic questions throughout the event by our professional photographer plus a drink during a break.

We have scheduled the following dates for the Deer Rut workshop and awaiting confirmation by Bradgate Park in early 2018:
11 October 2018 (Thursday) - availability > 3 spaces
12 October 2018 (Friday) - availability > 3 spaces
18 October 2018 (Thursday) - availability > 3 spaces
19 October 2018 (Friday) - availability > 3 spaces
(to be confirmed)

In order to make our courses / workshops most beneficial to all participants, we apply a maximum number of 6 people for both events, the Basic Nature Photography course and the Deer Rut Photography workshop
(minimum of 4 people).

For more details on the venue and/or the individual course types please click on the highlighted terms above. Alternatively, if you like to book one of the Basic Nature Photography course or the Deer Rut Photography workshop, you can do so by completing the form below.

Provided it is not indicated above that no spaces or only a limited number of spaces are available for the photography course/workshop date(s) of your choice, you can proceed directly to the online shop via the Payment Link to pay either the deposit or the full fee from there (depending on when you book / the full fee is required when booking 4 weeks or less prior to the course date). For more details about the booking process, please check our Terms and Conditions.

Rutland & Leicestershire

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