Our next photography experiences will be the Big Cat Photography workshop at Colchester Zoo on 15 June 2018 and
the Big and Small Wild Cat photo day at the Cat Survival Trust on 14 July 2018.

Only 1 space is still available on the BCP workshop in June but plenty of spaces are still available for the photo day in July.


Photography Course Venues

The links in this category are of our photography course venues, where we provide pre-scheduled group courses and/or customised photography courses on a 1-to-1 basis or for groups of fmaily members, friends or any other associations.
Colchester Zoo
Colchester Zoo is one of Europe's finest zoos. It has a wide variety of animals, including Big Cats and many more. The zoo staff is constantly working to improve their facilities for the benefit of the animals and the visitors. In addition to this work, Colchester Zoo is also raising funding and awareness for conservation projects world wide.
The Cat Survival Trust
The Cat Survival Trust was established in 1976 with the aim to promote the conservation of wild cats by breeding them in captivity and subsequently releasing them into suitable wild situations. Realising that it is not the most effective way to preserve cats, the Trust purchased a 10,000 acre reserve in north east Argentina. Here they conserve the entire habitat where cats live. This is not only more cost-effective but involves the conservation of all the plants, animals and fungi that make up the ecosystem on which the cats depend.

The headquarter is in Hertfordshire, where a small group of unpaid staff manages affairs.
Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre
This will be a new venue in 2012. Located near Rutland Waters, in a remote and tranquil place is the Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre. You will find a large number of birds and native wildlife. During our photography courses, you will have the opportunity to see and photograph the residential leopards (yes, the big cat species; surplus cats from zoos).
Yorkshire Wildlife Park
This zoo was founded in 2009, but houses in the meantime the biggest lion rescue in the world (13 lions came from a Romanian zoo), 2 Amur tigers and 3 Amur leopards. Besides the Big Cats, Yorkshire Wildlife Park has many more exotic wildlife species and it was voted Yorkshire's Most Magnificant Attraction in 2012.

Wildlife Conservation

This category includes links to Big Cat and other wildlife conservation groups, which we support.
Photography for Big Cats
Photography for Big Cats is a not-for-profit business that raises awareness and funds for Big Cats, other wildlife species (including British wildlife) and our environment. This wildlife cnservation photography business was founded by our wildlife photographer Barbara Meyer.
ALTA - Amur Leopard Conservation
The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) is a coalition of 13 international and Russian NGOs that have pooled resources to support conservation of Amur leopards and tigers in the wild.
21st Century Tiger
21st Century Tiger is a wild tiger conservation partnership between the Zoological Society of London and Global Tiger Patrol and one of the top six tiger funding agencies globally, contributing over £1.4 million to almost 100 tiger projects in eight countries worldwide.

Photography Services

This category includes links to photography equipment and photography service providers, which we recommend.
Photium provides the frame work to my web site and enables me to create and manage it without appropriate development knowledge. This web page will be of interest to any photographer, who may want to set up there own web page as well.
Safaris in Kenya
I have met Martin Fowkes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where he has a shop and sells his amazing images. He takes customers however also on safari to the Masai Mara in Kenya. If you are looking for a good way to experience wildlife in Africa, have a look at what Martin is offering.
Your Day Photography
If you are looking for someone to document your wedding or family event when please check out what Fergus is offering.


B&B and hotels recommended by our photographer
Woodview Bed & Breakfast
Woodview is a small four star B&B, which is located in the picturesque village of Birch; only 3 miles away from Colchester Zoo. The staff is friendly and very helpful.